5 Fictional Blonde Men I Think Are Really Neat

It's true what they say blondes do have more fun!

In all great media, we have been told through life that blondes tend to have more fun. While I find I am more partial to brunettes in my preferences. There is no denying the hold and allure that the fictional blonde character, especially a blonde man, can have on me. This year after watching one of my favorite all-time series Castlevania come to its conclusion, as well as finishing the Grisha Trilogy where I was introduced to another contender that makes it onto this list, I took a moment to sit here and compile a list of some of my favorite leading blonde men in no particular order.

1) Edward Elric- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Let me begin this by saying this, without Edward Elric, this list does not exist. The Elric brothers are the main characters we follow through Edward and Alphonses' journey to gain their bodies back by finding a philosopher's stone. In addition, the brothers uncover deeper problems rooted in their countries history of alchemy being used for nefarious reasons. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is one of the most incredible anime series, in my opinion, and it gave us one of the most compelling blonde protagonists in the last ten years. Edward Elric is ambitious, confident, short-tempered, and one of the best alchemists showing skills far superior to even more senior officers. He became the youngest state admitted alchemist at the age of 12. What makes Edward such a great protagonist is his unwavering loyalty not only to his brother but to Winry and his duty to help those in need and suffering.

Edward works to right his wrongs by being someone that the people around him can rely on and who will not take no as the answer. All through his journey, you see him doing his best to help his brother, friends, and anyone who needs a hero Edward Elric is that guy. He grapples with the good and evil of society and the corruption of a government that had vowed to help him, and all through it all, he does not lose the sense of his mission. The only thing that might distract him from his mission is the mere mention of his height in comparison to Alphonse, don't fret, short king, I still love you. 

2. Alucard (Adrian) Fahrenheit Ţepeş- Castlevania

Now, if you didn't think a vampire would make it onto this list, I am not sure what to tell you other than I need to push my vampire-loving agenda even further on here. I came to know Alucard through Netflix's animated adaptation Castlevania the son of Dracula and Lisa Ţepeş from the beloved video games franchise that the show is based on. Alucard is presented to us as Trevor Belmont so lovingly called him "floating vampire Jesus." From the first time he appeared on screen, I was immediately drawn into the brooding vampire prince with the flowing golden locks of hair that looked like something from a shampoo commercial.

Alucard is otherworldly beautiful; he is an excellent cook, a trained swordsman, and a vampire with powers that far surpass any other supernatural being. Throughout the series, Alucard's sense of empathy and compassion for humans made him so compelling to watch. However, his father had a deep hatred for the human race and wanted to eradicate them from the planet as revenge for the death of his wife. Nevertheless, Alucard maintained the same level of faith in humans that his mother had. It led him to befriend Sypha and Trevor, where the three worked together to save the world from its destruction. Watching Alucard battle with his grief and learning to allow himself to be vulnerable and heal from the guilt and trauma he experienced in his life allowed viewers to see that even though the darkness, you could find the light with the right support. Alucard showed that family isn't always about your blood connections but the people you pick to keep in your company.

3. Howl Pendragon - Howl’s Moving Castle

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Miranda, doesn’t Howl become a brunette halfway through the movie?” Yes, yes, he does. However, it does not negate that he is a blonde when we first meet Howl in the film. Howl Pendragon/Jenkins or whatever alias he is undergoing throughout the film is, in fact, a blonde man in the beginning when he sweeps in dramatically and lifts Sophie into the sky and sets all our hearts racing in the first fifteen minutes of the movie. He is a blonde for enough of the film to qualify him for this list.

Similar to Alucard, Howl has powers that far surpass other witches and wizards. A great talent when he trained under his uncle, the boy who swallows a star, becomes a great wizard, capturing the hearts of anyone everywhere. Howl is charming, handsome, and also whips up a delicious breakfast. I still think about any time I crack an egg into a frying pan. However, he is prone to vain outbursts like the iconic scene having a literal meltdown over his hair being dyed the wrong color after Sophie cleans his house and mixes up his bottles. Howl expresses his disgust for war and does not want to use his power to fuel the fighting between kingdoms. Howl’s heart knows kindness as he takes in both a young boy Markl as his apprentice, and Sophie after her curse is placed on her. Howl gives her access to his home and even goes as far as creating a room for her and an entire garden that she can visit whenever she dreams. Howl sees the beauty within Sophie’s heart and isn’t someone that casts her aside as others have in her life. Howl is the romantic and sweeping love interest that you cannot help but fall for, and I, for one, am not immune to his charms, and it is why he has rightfully earned his place on this list.

4.Motoki Furuhata- Sailor Moon

Aah, Motoki. What can I say about this beautiful addition to this list? Motoki is one of five entries in this post that isn’t a supernatural being with great power. However, his unwavering kindness and generosity can be considered his superpower. We first meet Motoki early on in the beloved anime as a worker at Game Center Crown arcade that Usagi frequents to play the Sailor V video game instead of doing her homework or studying for exams. Motoki is never too far away to offer kind words and a warm smile to Usagi and her friends throughout the series. As the series progresses, we see less of Motoki, but I still hold a level of fondness towards him.

Motoki is often the kind big brother to all the sailor guardians in their civilian identities. Always there to offer advice to them or chat with them at the arcade. Motoki is one of the first characters in the series to tell Usagi when she nearly faints from going on a crash diet about how terrible diets are and that she is beautiful the way she is that made my eight-year-old chubby heart melt into a puddle. It was one of the first times that I heard anyone talk about the true beauty of who you are on the inside mattering more than your outward appearance. Motoki was never hostile or rude towards Usagi or her friends, and it was why just like Usagi, I too had a crush on him and had hoped that one day I would walk into an arcade to find my very own Motoki.

5.Nikolai Lantsov- The Grisha Trilogy/King of Scars Duology

When Shadow & Bone dropped on Netflix, I felt compelled to read the novel series that inspired the TV show. I took to reading the series with my best friend Elif. While the first book was pretty slow nothing prepared me for when we were introduced to Nikolai in the second installment in the series. Many of the characters in Shadow & Bone fell flat for me but where they were all dull, Nikolai shone in bright comparison.

Witty, handsome, and an excellent dresser. The second prince of Ravka, Nikolai Lantsov swooped in and brought in the much-needed air and life into an otherwise bleak universe of the Grishaverse. Nikolai is first introduced to us as a pirate in disguise under the alias Strumhond. It is there while he has our main character Alina Starkov captive on his ship do we begin to learn of his true identity as the prince of the warring nation. Nikolai is proficient in his use of weapons and understanding of war strategy but just as easily can sweep you off your feet and make your heart swoon with a charming smile. His ability to win over the people of his nation is one that proves to be extremely useful to Alina and the others throughout the books. Although Nikolai can be prone to telling a joke, when it comes down to it he is someone you ultimately want on your side proving to be a fiercely loyal ally to Alina the two of them shared a common goal in wanting to help their people and end the war. Nikolai deals with his own burdens being the bastard son to the king he feels he has to do twice as much to prove his worth to his kingdom.

Nikolai believed in being in the ranks with his soldiers to learn the struggles of the people of Ravka so he can as a prince and eventually king someday learn to better serve them all into a better future. Nikolai made the book series all the more fun for me to read and anytime he was in a scene I was always eager to see what adventures he was getting himself into. While Shadow & Bone ended on a less than stellar note in my opinion I am curious to read his spin-off series to see where our prince ends up.

And so with that, I wrap up my list. This is in no way an official ranking and all of this was my opinion so if you read this far I commend you! If you read this and feel free to comment here or reply on Twitter (@mirandatorys) on who some of your favorite blonde protagonists are.